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Teaching music through the guitar has been a central point of my career for over 25 years. I feel it’s important for music teachers to perform and for performers to teach. Passing on what I know and love is always challenging and rewarding.


My preference is to teach the beginner to read music. Their motor skills and musical ear need development before playing chords and 'real' songs. My experience has shown that when people learn to read music they stay with the guitar for longer. However, I’m not rigid in my approach and will happily tailor the lessons to suit the needs of every student and their family.


People will sometimes ask ‘How long does it take to get good?’ or ‘Is it hard to learn how to play?’. It takes about a year of dedicated practice before one sees solid improvement. Daily practice of 20 to 30 minutes will yield good results with everyone progressing at their own rate. This shouldn’t dissuade someone from trying. The process is fun, but in a different way than being easily entertained. Music will be your friend for life if you're patient and persistent.


I teach out of my home office in Spruce Grove.


Lessons are private, 30 minutes long and at the same time every week. Parents are welcome to observe. Parking is available on the street. 


If you have further questions about lesson content, availability and fees please contact me.

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